Restoration Services in Hickory, North Carolina

City Shoe Repair-Cobbler Shop offers a wide variety of restorative services that will meet or exceed your needs throughout the Hickory, North Carolina area. We stand behind everything that we offer to our valued customers, because all of our services are of the highest quality to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Whenever your leather goods need service, City Shoe Repair-Cobbler Shop is here to help. Just bring your items in and we will extend their life through the following restoration services:
Resewing of Shoes - Shoe Repair in Hickory, NC

Half Soles and Heels

We dove-tail the new sole to ensure comfort and fit. The uppers are cleaned of old dirt and polish. Next, a finish is applied and sealed with a factory finished topcoat for a new beautiful appearance.
Sewing of Shoes - Shoe Repair in Hickory, NC

Full Soles and Heels

Worn soles and heels are removed. The old cork filler is removed and replaced with new cork filler to cushion and insulate. The metal shank is replaced if necessary. When we repair the sole, we use only the finest grade leather or rubber sole to give you the greatest value for your money. A quality rubber heel or stylish combination heel is attached to a new solid leather base and is secured to the sole with glue and threaded nails to ensure a proper bond. We then clean and hand polish the shoe for a "like new" look. We also can Recondition and Glaze the shoe for a factory finish lasting 10 times longer than a typical shoe shine. Optional heel and toe plates can be installed to add additional wear.
Polishing Shoes - Shoe Shine in Hickory, NC

Heels and a Shine

Using a high abrasion rubber heel, City Shoe can give you a heel lift with better traction while cushioning every step. An "invisible" scuff protector (can be dyed to match shoe color) can prevent scuffing and scratching on the leather heel covering to provide long-lasting protection. Finally, a shine can put that "like new" sparkle back in the shoe and also help protect the leather.
Shoe Making - Shoe Repair in Hickory, NC

Sole Protectors

A Sole Protector is an extremely durable, very thin rubber sole that is applied over an existing new or slightly worn sole. Sole protectors will wear 3-4 times longer than a leather sole and are suggested for people who walk a lot or need slip resistance on their footwear. They are also suggested for pointed toe shoes as the toe area wears out very fast. Sole protectors also make soles water resistant and non-slip as well as protecting original stiching from wear and tear.
Shoe Making Equipments- Shoe Repair in Hickory, NC

Additional Services

  • Orthopedic Work (Build-ups and lateral wedges)
  • Stretching
  • Lowering heels for comfort
City Shoe takes pride in giving your shoes that new-shoe look, not a repaired look. We only use high-quality. If you have never used our services, or have used inferior shoe repair shops with less-than-great results please give us a try.

If you don't see your item on the list above, just ask us -- most likely we can fix it for you at an affordable price! For more information about our complete leather restoration care services, or to request a free estimate, please feel free to contact us today.